AAMI - Rhonda & Ketut

Art direction.

I began working on AAMI at the beginning of the Rhonda and Ketut phenomenon - the ads featuring an everyday woman who used her insurance savings to fly to Bali and enjoy a fling with a local cabana boy.

We continued the story with two more campaigns, one attempting to get to the bottom of what really happened in Bali (for the Safe Driver App), and a follow up story involving Rhonda’s old flame Trent, who become a target of the public’s ire.

Whether you loved or hated it, the Rhonda campaign took a firm foothold in the public’s consciousness. It was constantly quoted, memed and parodied - and helped AAMI sell a lot of car insurance policies. According to Marketing Online, awareness hit a high of 72% and saw a 56% increase in spontaneous consideration for AAMI, making it one of the most successful marketing campaigns in Australian history.

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